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Summers in Scituate Hotels and Scituate Beaches

Summers are for family fun and exploration - and in the seaside community of Scituate, MA they have enough history, culture, and greenery to serve as the perfect vacation spot for adventure seekers.

A summer in Scituate gives you access to 21 square miles of breathtaking coastlines and waterways, including five Scituate beaches. Scituate has five beautiful, public beaches called Egypt, Minot, Sand Hills, Peggotty, and Humarock.

The Historic Scituate Lighthouse

One striking feature of the Scituate coastline is the Scituate Lighthouse. Built in 1812, it’s strong light has guided many a sailor safely home over the years. And, during the Revolutionary war, from it’s heights, the “Army of Two” Abigail and Rebecca, were able to protect the town from being attacked by British troops in the War of 1812.

Take an informative tour of the lighthouse and you will be able to enjoy the gorgeous view of Cape Cod from its heights, as Abigail and Rebecca once did over 200 years ago!

Hitting the Scituate Beaches

Each of the Scituate beaches has its own character and geography. Egypt offers a small and stony environment, making for a beautiful view. Minot Beach has sandy shores and is good for kicking back and enjoying the summer breeze.

Sand Hills, as stated by its namesake, is small and sandy and narrows at high-tide, making for interesting ocean viewing of its ebb and flow. Both Peggotty and Humarock offer fine, hard-packed sand and a picturesque view of Cape Cod.

While you’re enjoying a stay at the Inn at Scituate, you can explore all these beaches – they are just walking distance from┬áthe bustling Downtown Scituate Harbor and its restaurants and shops.

We wish you a happy summer and invite you to stay with us at the Inn at Scituate!