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Local Lighthouses Around Scituate

Explore the captivating magic of the local lighthouses around Scituate.

New England Lighthouses

Just like the sailors of yore, so many of us land-lovers find ourselves drawn to the navigational structures used for maritime travel. What is it about lighthouses that captivate us so? The answer to this question may be different for each person, but there is no doubt that there is something special about these relics of yesteryear. Being located along the Eastern Seaboard, Massachusetts is home to a variety of these landmarks, some of which are the oldest in our country. If you are searching for some of the top New England lighthouses that are worthy traveling to see, you need not look much further than those around The Inn At Scituate Harbor.

Scituate Lighthouse

The area now known as Scituate was settled by members of the Plymouth Colony and a few newcomers from England in 1627. Through the years, the town developed quite a significant fishing industry that would only continue to flourish if a lighthouse could be constructed on the shore. Local citizens petitioned for its creation and three men from a nearby town built the Scituate lighthouse in 1811. At the time, the 25-foot-tall tower was complemented with the keeper's house, an oil vault, and well. Through the years, the lighthouse was configured to aid mariners in their travels and newer constructions were made making its use obsolete. It took into the 1900s for the town to restore the tower, but now in the custody of the Scituate Historical Society, Scituate Light is functioning once more. If you visit, please bear in mind that the keeper’s house is a private residence and the tower itself is usually closed to the public. The area surrounding the lighthouse, however, is truly worth the trip alone, as the visage of the Old Scituate Light paints quite a quintessential maritime New England picture.

Minots Ledge

It may not be the tallest nor the oldest lighthouse in The Bay State, but the rugged nature of the lighthouse known as Minots Ledge captivates travelers as much, if not more, than its more stately, uniform counterparts. Minots Ledge is in fact, about a mile offshore, and was built after over 40 vessels were claimed by the perilous waters between Scituate and Cohasset along the South Coast. In fact, the lighthouse that is now out in the sea for travelers to view is actually the second construction. The first lasted nearly two years before surrendering itself to the raging winds, rain, and waves of a few treacherous storms. Now, many visit and take boat tours to get a closer look at the tower that has stood a firm guardian in the waters since 1860.

Local Lighthouses Around Scituate

You can learn so much more about the history of our nation and forefathers by visiting the local lighthouse around Scituate. From photographers wishing to capture a true slice of New England charm and the historians who want to learn a little bit more about the past to those just wishing for a great day outdoors, both of these amazing Massachusetts landmarks are worth traveling to see. And if make a visit to our coastal area of the Bay State, plan on settling in with us at The Inn At Scituate Harbor. Conveniently located less than five miles from both of these captivating relics, our spacious guest rooms and traditional New England hospitality will provide you with a perfect home-away-from-home for your journey to the past!