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St. Patrick’s Day in Scituate

The people of Boston pride ourselves on our celebrations of holidays year after year, but of them all, Saint Patrick’s Day may just be our personal best. This year, March 15th starting at 1 PM, we’re throwing a big celebration out at Scituate Harbor to celebrate Irish culture with the backdrop of the lovely beach and its ocean air!

What began as a small procession around the block of the Irish Riviera in 1995 has now blossomed into a full blown parade! Additionally, this year the Scituate St. Patrick’s Day Parade is proud to offer a raffle to our guests. By donating a modest sum of twenty dollars, you’ll be entered to win two round trip tickets to Ireland via its signature airline, Air Lingus! And if you’d rather celebrate at home, there’s an alternative prize of two thousand dollars cash. But that’s not all! In our yearly tradition, cast your vote for the next Mayor of Scituate! Participate in a fun Irish tradition that’s sure to have everyone laughing!

After the parade, continue the festivities at the Roaring Twenties Soiree hosted by the Barker Tavern, from 7:00 PM to Midnight! Forty dollars gets you dinner, dancing, live entertainment and the knowledge that your money will go towards making next year’s festivities even more excellent!

With all these festivities in place, you’ll need a place to hang your green hat – and the Inn at Scituate Harbor is just the place for that! With our beachfront property, we’re not only a scenic destination, but quite close to this year’s Scituate St. Patrick’s Day Parade!

Our lovely Cape Cod style décor and luxurious guest rooms will provide you with all the care and comfort you need after such a wonderful night of revelry. The ocean too cold? Our lovely indoor heated swimming pool is here for you! Going sightseeing? The Inn at Scituate Harbor also has the benefit of being close to a Boston landmark – the Scituate Lighthouse. With over two hundred years of history, there’s few places to better enrich yourself culturally here in Massachusetts. Not to mention the vast quantity of local stores and restaurants just dying to meet you! Book your stay today, and have the happiest St. Patrick’s Day possible!